Clementine’s Seasonal Spectacular, Rosemary Branch Theatre, review: ‘Rebellious and fun’

Clementine the Living Fashion Doll in Clementine's Seasonal Spectacular at Rosemary Branch Theatre.

Clementine the Living Fashion Doll in Clementine's Seasonal Spectacular at Rosemary Branch Theatre. Picture: Justin David - Credit: Archant

This madcap puppetry pantomime could rival the Muppets for characters, says Aline Waites.

Clementine Doll is a star – there is no doubt about that. She has equal if not more charisma than the great Miss Piggy. She is 15 inches tall with the face of a movie star, the ultra-emaciated body of a fashion model and she sings like an angel.

The show is mostly done in video and Clementine, the star, is a puppet with a human head. The fact that the face is capable of human expressions and can react to all the other characters in a familiar way helps the delightfully camp, bitchy humour. Most of the characters are puppets, and the human stars are the ones holding the strings.

At the entrance we are greeted by Yvette the Scottish Usher – handled and voiced by Stewart W Fraser.

The first half is a variety show with Clementine as the MC. One of the highlights is a turn by the German magician and his beautiful assistant.

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They obviously hate each other and he gets a kind of joy out of sawing her in half. There is Betty the Barfly, who vomits water – living proof that it is not a good idea to sit in the front row.

The second act is Snow White – Clementine is delighted to play a princess. The wicked queen is played by her arch enemy, a vile creature with a voice like Margaret Thatcher and a plastic surgeon, a look and sound alike Peter Lorre, to keep her young and beautiful.

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The voices are supplied by a Spitting Image actor, the wonderful Steve Nallon.

The lone human being is the gorgeous John Jackson as a stripper in Act one and Genie in the panto. A Genie in Snow White? This is a rebellious pantomime that does not respect traditional ideas.

See it – have fun!

Rating: 4/5 stars

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