Photography exhibition and book launch on gender inequality theme

Diane Bielik portrait

Diane Bielik portrait - Credit: Farhan Khan

A photography exhibition and book launch exploring themes of gender inequality, frustration and fight will be on display at the Newington Green Meeting House from May 7 to June 4. 

The project, titled Halo Tango, is the work of London-based artist and photographer Diane Bielik.

The work forms a loose fictional narrative inspired by a charcoal portrait of a woman from 1962 drawn by another woman, Betty Steer. 

“I picked up the portrait in a local charity shop and the image began to resonate. I started thinking about women, their ‘place’ in society and the feminist movement up to the present day.” Diane wrote in her artist’s statement. 

One of the pieces from Diane's Halo Tango show

One of the pieces from Diane's Halo Tango show - Credit:

There will also be drawing workshops on May 21 at 10.30am and 12.30am and a discussion panel with the artist on May 13 at 10.30am.

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