‘It’s not a break up record, but a build yourself back up’: Fatherson bring tour to Islington Assembly Hall

Ross Leighton, Marc Strain and Greg Walkinshaw of Fatherson

Ross Leighton, Marc Strain and Greg Walkinshaw of Fatherson - Credit: Sonic PR

“Great times after horrible heartbreaks” are the fuel for Fatherson as the Scottish indie three piece make their way around the country.

The friends from Kilmarnock are playing “big, fun rock shows” to fans having pressed through the break-ups and everyday worries that inspired their recently released fourth album Normal Fears. 

Ross Leighton, the lead singer and guitarist, speaks to me on the band’s bus around three days into a tour that has taken in all corners of the UK. Their date at Islington Assembly Hall on Friday (June 10) will be the penultimate concert.

“We’re very much a live band,” he says. “I love touring. Playing shows is where we have the most fun.”

“It’s the boring stuff like drinking lots of water that gets me through,” he adds, laughing on his tips for surviving the sometimes gruelling nature of touring. “Try and go to the gym and pick the nights that you wanna get some sleep before you go out!” 

It’s the beginning of a long summer for the trio who are set to play various festivals before more dates around Europe. It’s in promotion of Normal Fears, which hit the top 50 in April. 

Ross says the band have “musically grown up”, moving on from the “band in a room” feel of previous LP Sum of All Your Parts - bringing in more influences this time around for a “groove led” record that is influenced by hip-hop as well as rock music. 

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“We’ve just been enjoying ourselves. If we make stuff that we think is cool, then hopefully other people will think it’s cool. We can’t aim to please everybody.

“I have been through different things from a big break up to life changes at that point… It kind of knocked me a little bit and when I came to write the record I was not feeling all that sad about it but built myself back up through it.

“It’s not a break up album but a build yourself back up album.”

He adds: “The new songs are played among the old and there is no change in atmosphere, people are singing along. It’s an amazing thing.

“It’s a big rock show. It’s so fun. A big ball of energy for an hour and a half. I love the connection with people and there is a big spread of people, they are all having their own kind of night.” 

Fatherson will perform at Islington Assembly Hall on Friday, June 10. For tickets click here.