The Voice singer Vangelis releases debut single

Vangelis in a still from his debut solo single Throw Me

Vangelis Polydorou in a still from his debut solo single Throw Me - Credit: Supplied

Vangelis Polydorou burst into public consciousness in 2016 when he sang 'Do You Want to Hurt Me? on The Voice. The Finsbury Park singer has since toured with mentor Boy George and has just released debut single 'Throw Me' about searching for love online from a young gay man's perspective. “Being gay is a kind of beautiful accident, and it would be a crime to not celebrate it,” he says. 

Q: Where did you grow up and was there anyone who encouraged you to perform?

A: I grew up in N19, near Stroud Green Road. I still live there, I just couldn’t  imagine living anywhere else. I went to St Joseph’s Primary School and was very shy back then so no one even knew I could sing. 

Vangelis Polydorou debut single Throw Me

Vangelis Polydorou debut single Throw Me - Credit: Supplied

Q:  What were your early performances and why did you audition for The Voice?

A: My earliest memory was attending a choir run by Richard Frostick at Laycock Primary School in Highbury, I was four years old and used to watch singers go up and perform solos. I'd always think, I wish I could do that but I was too shy. Over time my confidence grew and I would get great reactions when I sang in public. It encouraged me and made me feel special I suppose. I was approached by The Voice to audition after one of the scouts saw a video of me singing online. I auditioned alongside 48,000 others and then they pick 120 to audition for the celebrity coaches. There are lot of producer rounds before you get on to these shows. 

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Q: What is it like working with Boy George and Culture Club?

A: It’s a dream. I love touring, being able to travel and earn a living from what I love. With the pandemic everything’s at a standstill but I’m hopeful it’ll come back. I’ve learnt to have fun and just enjoy the experience. Not many people get to do this so I really appreciate it. I also loved doing backing vocals for George and Culture Club while being able to release my own music. 

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Q: Tell us about your forthcoming debut album The Drama.

A: I worked on the album with Boy George and I'm proud of what we achieved. I pushed myself to try a different direction and I really like it. I’m not interested in making watered down music for chart success. We didn’t have a formula or someone saying 'you have to do it like this, this is the sound,' it happened organically. 

Q: Is it hard to make the leap from reality TV to being a solo artist?

A: In some ways, but I’ve always thought that the real hard work starts after the show. I always saw The Voice as a platform that I used to work in the industry. Regardless of whether you’ve been on a show or not it’s difficult for any singer to get heard. A lot of it boils down to money which is sad but true. 

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