Folk inspirations of classical music explored by Vanessa Benelli Mosell in Kings Place show

Vanessa Benelli Mosell

Vanessa Benelli Mosell - Credit: Archant

At just 26-years-old, Vanessa Benelli Mosell is one of classical music’s leading young performers and one of its most effective forces for reaching new, tech-savvy generations.

The Italian-born pianist came to England four years ago and, after studying for a Masters in performance at the Royal College, has built up a following through Facebook, YouTube and Instagram – all of which she uses to post recordings and videos displaying her virtuosity, technical brilliance and sensitive musical insight.

“I look to be always updated with the latest ways of communication,” says the Holloway resident.

“I’m always very open to all these kinds of possibilities as this is actually a way just to spread the music; it’s not about yourself, it’s not about the managing, it’s only one part of the music and how to reach as many people as possible.”

Having founded her reputation on classical and chamber music, Benelli Mosell is internationally renowned for her interpretation of Klavierstücke by Karlheinz Stockhausen – an influential former mentor alongside Yuri Bashmet, who previously awarded her the Elba Festival Prize.

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However, her latest project, which comes to Kings Place this Saturday, will see her team up with cellist Matthew Barley to perform a series of folk-influenced classical works by the likes of Tsintsadze, Janacek, Schumann and Bartok.

For Benelli Mosell, the long-planned collaboration is an exciting departure from her usual musical style. She says: “It’s focusing on the folk tunes so it’s something that lots of people really feel, with easy melodies and strong rhythmical elements. Of course it’s kind of a feeling of freedom when you play this and also the approach with the instrument is closer. You must research for this relationship as you know the original musicians; they actually do it for the pleasure of playing the instrument and transferring this pleasure to the audience.”

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Matthew Barley and Vanessa Benelli Mosell perform Classical Works; Folk Roots at King’s Place this Saturday. Tickets are £6.50 online. Visit

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