'Barbecue-inspired' meat-free summer menu at cycling cafe

Chef Tim Ross-Watson

Chef Tim Ross-Watson - Credit: Arley Foods

A meat-free food specialist has started a month-long residency in an Archway cycling cafe and restaurant.

Arley Foods makes meat alternatives and will be at The Spoke in Holloway Road until July 14.

The company will be showcasing its new "barbecue-inspired" meat-free range.

From 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday Arley’s is taking over the cooking, with chef Tim Ross-Watson using products, including plant-based "chicken" and "beef" burgers, along with vegan-friendly meatballs.

Arley's burgers at The Spoke

Arley's burgers at The Spoke - Credit: Arley Foods

Brady Collins, CEO of Arley Foods, said: “We’re thrilled to be teaming up with Tim Ross-Watson, who’s drawing upon his experiences across Asia to combine Eastern flavours with British favourites, and we’re excited to use this as an opportunity to get closer to our customers, listen to their feedback, and inspire
the next generation of Arley Foods."

As well as more creative options, the menu features comfort food including meatball "dogs", grilled cheese, three different potato sides and a super salad.

These will all be available alongside The Spoke’s cocktail menu.

Side dishes are priced from £4-8 with burgers from £10-£12.

Arley Foods’ products are available to restaurants via the wholesaler Bidfood;
to independent stores in their retail packs with CLF; and on Arley’s website arleyfoods.com