Galactic Empire declare war on Islington with the power of heavy metal

Galactic Empire

Galactic Empire - Credit: Archant

Dark Vader from Star Wars themed band Galactic Empire tells ZOE PASKETT about the power of the Empire in arguably the most bizarre interview ever

Galactic Empire

Galactic Empire - Credit: Archant

Not very long ago, in a galaxy very, very close by, a band was formed.

Galactic Empire has tapped into the never ending popularity of Star Wars, currently being witnessed in the box office success of Rogue One, to bring John Williams’ classic score to the world of heavy metal.

Having built up more than eight million views for their first music video, a cover of The Imperial March, the group have now crowdfunded $61,000 to allow them to release and album and embark on a UK tour, starting at the O2 Academy in Islington.

Q: Why are you attacking the UK?

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A: The Empire will stop at nothing to blast pure sonic annihilation across the galaxy. The Emperor demands that all will join us in our galactic heavy metal conquest, including your UK system. There will be no one to stop us this time!

Q: Why are you using musical instruments and not lightsabers?

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A: In the midst of our Galactic Conquest, we discovered your earth-created musical instruments. Once I plugged an Electric Guitar into your amplifiers you have created, I played my own theme song and only then did I realise the true POWER of the Dark Side.

Q: What makes you better than the other bands in the Empire?

A: Contrary to your statement, we actually grew up listening to the Max Rebo Band back before they attempted to reach a younger crowd and added in additional computer generated band members and re arranged their music.

Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes were also a big influence, and I actually am quite fond of an old folk song Called “Yub Nub”. Although, it seems as though the source of that song at this point is hard to find, and it has since been replaced with more modern music.

Q: What would you do if the Rebel Alliance formed a band and tried to defeat you with the power of metal?

A: Don’t be too proud of this hypothetical situation you’ve constructed. The ability to create a band is insignificant compared to the power of my amplifier. We would crush the rebel band with one swift show.

Q: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker has liked your video on Twitter – how does that make you feel and what do you think it means?

A: If he could be turned, he would become a powerful back up guitar player. (I’d still play lead guitar of course.) He will jam with us, or die.

Q: How do you feel your true characters have been represented in the film adaptation of your lives?

A: I’m not sure I understand the question. Someone made a movie about my experiences? If they were rebel traitors I will seek them and destroy them.

Q: Do you ever worry about the risk that people could stop fearing you because you’re playing music?

A: Our super awesome heavy metal is undoubtedly sick. All will fear and join us, or be crushed in the ensuing 90-110 DB of pure sonic devastation. They would have to wear ear plugs to even stand a chance.

Q: How was Galactic Empire formed and who are the people behind it?

A: The Emperor himself started this band, and requested that I take on completing our member training. Together we will all rule the Galaxy, and play super awesome heavy metal versions of my theme song.

I am Dark Vader, and I pretty much do whatever the Emperor asks me to. Bass Commander was a natural fit for me. I’ve known him for years. While his bass guitar accuracy isn’t the best, he’s always trying his hardest. Red Guard was the Emperor’s bidding for rhythm guitar. I guess their friendship goes back. To be honest though, the guy’s name kinda just sounds like a human antiperspirant marketing solution. Shadow Ranger plays additional back up guitar, and I brought on Boba Sett for drums. He’s technically a bounty drummer for hire, but the guy holds it down so I can’t complain.

Q: How difficult is it to play instruments with these costumes on?

A: The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be....unnatural. We take no concern to melting faces with our devastatingly awesome shredding.

Galactic Empire are opening their UK tour with a show at O2 Academy Islington on February 1. The self titled album will be released on February 3.

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