Hen and Chickens reopens with monologues about love death and revenge

Transhuman one of the monologues at The Hen and Chickens Theatre

Transhuman one of the monologues at The Hen and Chickens Theatre - Credit: Archant

After seven months of closure, the pub venue is once again selling tickets for October’s Tales From The Golden Age by Ian Dixon Potter

Highbury’s Hen and Chickens Theatre reopens in early October with eight monologues about love, death and revenge.

The pub venue in St Paul’s Road is hosting Tales from the Golden Age written by Ian Dixon Potter with original music by Neil Thompson.

In The Triumph of Evil, a Swedish aristocrat tries to make a ‘deal with the devil’ by persuading Heinrich Himmler to liberate thousands from Nazi concentration camps.

Infantaphobia sees child-hating Carla try to rescue friend Roger from the

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clutches of Sue who desperately wants to ‘start a family’.

Marlowe’s Ghost finds William Shakespeare haunted by the spirit of his fellow playwright, who was murdered almost 25 years earlier.

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And Transhuman explores issues of identity by asking whether we would achieve immortality by uploading your consciousness to the cloud.

Iago is a modern updating of Shakespeare’s Othello, and A Strange Romance wonders if you can fall for someone if you don’t know their gender - as Peter develops a passion for the ambiguous ‘Blue’.

Finally The New Normal transports audiences four years into the future into a society riven with conflict. Tales from The Golden Age runs October 11-14 at The Hen and Chickens, Highbury.

Tickets: www.unrestrictedview.co.uk

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