Covid-19 leads Islington artist to study older people with 'dignity'

Stairway to Heaven - showing Julio's grandmother

Stairway to Heaven - showing Julio's grandmother - Credit: Julio Cesar Osorio

An Islington artist is presenting a new collection designed to show the elderly population in dignified fashion and highlight their lives and accomplishments.

Julio Cesar Osorio will present The Golden Years portrait project at Angel Central, Parkfield Street, on June 18-19 from 9am-6pm.

The Colombian-born artist said the works were inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic and the loss of his grandmother and the many other honourable and vulnerable seniors during this global epidemic. 

The project started with Julio painting a portrait of his grandmother titled Stairway To Heaven as a tribute to her loving memory and evolved into a broad series of portraits portraying senior citizens in vibrant colours. 

Julio said:  "I aim to communicate the social inequities and express the need to balance social disparities found in society whether it be the vulnerable youth or the elderly population. 

“After growing up in Colombia and seeing first hand the underprivileged and vulnerable populations, I have been fortunate to immigrate to the United Kingdom and make a new life. 

“I have attended university for photography and film to equip myself with the tools to document and bring to light the socioeconomics and plight of the vulnerable populations."