Susanne Kirlew; It’s easier than you think to cook vegan for kids

Susanne Kirlew aka Curly Sue from Islington has written a vegan cook book for kids

Susanne Kirlew aka Curly Sue from Islington has written a vegan cook book for kids - Credit: Archant

Islington-based vegan cook, blogger and TV presenter known as Kirly Sue has just released a plant based recipe book encouraging adults to make meat free meals with kids

Susanne Cirlew, aka Kirly-Sue is an Islington-based vegan cook, blogger and TV presenter who has just released a plant-based book titled Cooking With Kids featuring 'recipes for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and those meat eaters who would like to try something new'.

From bibimbap to beany balls, plantain porridge to banana bread, who knew vegan cooking could be such fun? Bridget Galton asked her some questions.

Q How long have you been vegan?

A I was a vegetarian for 20 plus years and was also a dairy avoider when I became vegan almost seven years ago, mainly as a dietary preference.

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Q When you started was it harder to get good ingredients and ideas for what to eat?

A I started to create vegan recipes because I couldn't find enough recipes that were to my personal taste. My parents are from Jamaica and I am both inspired by my cultural background and by the 40 plus countries I have travelled to over the years.

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Q Why a recipe book for children?

A The book contains easy-to-follow vegan recipes you can make for children and they can cook with you too. Vegan cooking for children is easier than you think, in the book you will find simple recipes, using ingredients that are probably in your kitchen cupboard already. Many parents want to give their children vegan meals (some regularly and some occasionally). Many of the viewers of my TV show and YouTube channel are parents and I get so many questions about suitable dishes to serve to children and recipes that children can make with a little help from a parent or guardian that's what inspired the book.

Q Give us a flavour of some of the recipes.

A There are soups, salads, breakfasts, dinners, smoothies and desserts galore, more than 75 recipes and it's all beautifully illustrated with great photography.

Q What is your philosophy? Do you think everyone should go vegan or should we all just eat less meat?

A I wouldn't tell anyone that they have to be a vegan as I am a happy vegan and not an angry one. But I think reducing how much meat we eat is good for our bodies and the environment too.

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