Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates review: “You may laugh uproariously, but you won’t respect them in the morning”

Mike and Dave

Mike and Dave - Credit: Archant

Two bad girls pretend to be good girls in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates to get a free holiday in Hawaii.

Two bad girls pretend to be good girls to get a free holiday in Hawaii as the respectable wedding dates of two brothers, but once they get there can’t keep the pretence up.

Its trailer sets it up as a bawdy, charmless, lowest common denominator gag fest but the film sabotages itself by being consistently funny and surprisingly entertaining.

Mike ‘n’ Dave is one of those films where everybody is encouraged to improvise and spitball, and try to push off into wild, offbeat territory.

What you gain in terms of big laughs you lose in cohesion and character consistency.

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Nobody really seems right for their role but there is enough chemistry to make it work.

The film reunites Kendrick and Devine from the Pitch Perfect films, and Efron and Plaza who both helped De Niro make a fool of himself in Dirty Grandpa. But then, having got them back together, it pairs each off with the other.

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Devine is there to be the primary comedy chaos generator, and the purveyor of wild and inappropriate lines.

He’s funny enough but all his comic timing and persona are an exact replica of Jack Black’s.

In Dirty Grandpa Aubrey Plaza made a heroically dignified and endearing effort at playing the spectacularly undignified role of the young hottie who lusts after De Niro.

Here, given the much less challenging role of rejecting Devine’s advances, she isn’t nearly as effective.

Like most contemporary comedies it’s about talented, basically decent people trying to find some humanity and levity in the penis jokes, drug references and general #hashtaggery of contemporary culture.

You may laugh uproariously, but you won’t respect them in the morning.

Rating: 3 stars

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