Puppet film festival at Islington’s Little Angel Theatre

Little Angel theatre and local film screeners and makers, Reel Films, will be hosting film screenings and workshops from March 25-27.

The festival’s aim is to challenge the idea that puppets can only be used in comedy or children’s entertainment, with many of the films dealing with serious issues.

The films are made all over the world and include one set in America, A World without Regret, where Meryl Streep co-stars with puppets.

Local film-maker, Louise Radinger co-chair of Reel Films, approached Little Angel - which is in Dagamr Passage, Islington - with the idea when her daughter went to the puppet club at the theatre.

She has long been interested in puppets and said: “What draws me to them is their amazing ambiguity”

“They have a life.  But they are also not free, they are people’s inventions.”

She added

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“It is a strange and compelling thing to see people and puppets on the screen.”

“Using them brings into question, what is a puppet? Can a puppet have feelings?”

There will be five talks and workshops and ten full-length films throughout the weekend, including A puppet conference where puppets discuss the nature of their existence.

Lynette Shanbury, General Manager at Little Angel Theatre said:

“It’s very exciting and a completely new thing for us. It’s great to partner with Reel London, to bring puppets to people.”

- For tickets and information visit www.littleangeltheatre.com or call 020 7226 1787.