Restaurant review: Black Cat Cabaret, Euston, WC1

Black Cat Cabaret - the show outweighed the food

Black Cat Cabaret - the show outweighed the food - Credit: Archant

No so long back, London’s appetite for tassels and semi-nudity was apparently insatiable and cabaret clubs sprang up everywhere.

As with all things, the craze faded a bit, the glory-hunters left and only the real aficionados were left by the stage in the moody, ­atmospheric dining rooms.

But in a bid to relight that particular candle, Black Cat Cabaret are bringing the vibe of 1920s Montemarte to a series of events at the Grand Hall in Euston.

The premise sounds delicious – a three course dinner with lashings of wine, while expert performers tickle your fancy across the room.

Unfortunately, only one of the aspects of the night lived up to expectations.

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The entertainment was great; from the off a magician who put David Blaine to shame worked the tables, making £20 notes appear in fruit and generally causing gasps of disbelief. The dance routines were eerie and sensual, the comperes amusing and the Queen routine was side-splitting.

But then the food. Or not so much the food, but the service.

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There had clearly been some catastrophic mix up in the table plan and people were getting moved during their meals by increasingly exasperated staff, many weren’t getting their meals and everybody who ­ordered food was unimpressed.

The courses came out at a random variety of times, wildly differing temperatures and several states of dessication.

It’s a shame, as this really ruined the vibe of the evening – and a lot of people who had paid a lot of money for a romantic night left furious.

But if the Black Cat team could iron out this admittedly rather important aspect, there is potential for a good night to be had by all.

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