Restaurant review: Far Rockaway, Shoreditch, EC2

Far Rockaway is big, brash and lots of fun

Far Rockaway is big, brash and lots of fun - Credit: Archant

Far Rockaway, for those who don’t know, is a beach side suburb of Queens, New York, formerly a popular holiday destination which suffered a bit of a budget crisis in the 70s.

Not, perhaps, the most obvious name for a new Shoreditch diner, but the Curtain road eatery has gone all out on the Big Apple theme.

It’s a big old place, half of which seems to be a bar/club, the other half for food, with stickers, concert flyers and sport memorabilia all over the walls, arcade machines dotted about and massive screens showing live sport all over the place.

And the menu is, predictably, US dominated - hot dogs, burgers, pizza by the slice and so on.

It’s loud and brash, probably not the best place for romance but certainly lots of fun.

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For example, the starters are served on skateboards - or at least the decks, the food isn’t ollied out to you. You can get three of the ten or so options for £13.50, definitely enough for two.

The buffalo wings were the best, fiery little beasts with a rich blue cheese dip. The shrimp (prawns) came in a tasty herb crust and with, intriguingly, popcorn.

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The chilli squid, though, was misnamed; it lacked a kick and was all a bit bland.

Our waitress tempted me into having the burger and pizza slice (she didn’t have to try too hard). The former was good, not amazing, but with pickles and a tender patty you can’t go far wrong, while the latter was excellent; a proper NYC slice with tons of meat and jalapeños. At £4 a pop, a bargain.

As they should be, the baby back cola ribs came in a lovely sweet glaze with tender chinks of meat falling off the bone. Finally, the side of sweet corn was poor - clearly not grilled, fair enough, but even boiled or microwaved they should be buttery and tasty. These weren’t; over moist and disappointing.

It’s possibly not the place for your Valentine’s date, but with wings by the bucket, lethal cocktails and stacks of feel good finger food on offer, Far Rockaway would be a great place to go with friends.

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