Restaurant review: K10, Finsbury, EC2

The fantastic seared seasame tuna

The fantastic seared seasame tuna - Credit: Archant

Glutton that I am, when it comes to running the gauntlet of Friday night takeaway options I often overlook Sushi due to the lack of a “feeling stuffed” factor.

Plough through a Chinese or certainly a big pizza, you’re sure to be replete, but the delicate nature of some Japanese food leaves me in fear for my appetite.

But every time I go for it I’m really glad I did and promise myself not to be so foolish next time.

So when conveyor belt specialist K10 announced they’d started delivering to parts of Islington and Hackney, I was keen to get stuck in.

There’s no two ways about it, it’s a more expensive than some other options, but when it’s good, it’s really good.

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We went for plenty of sashimi – traditional fresh and icy tuna and salmon alongside more modern options; incredibly tender and delicious seared sesame tuna and mouth-watering seared beef carpaccio. The California roll was a rich mixture of crab and avocado, the maki was crispy and came alive with wasabi and soy, while the nigiri was textbook slices of top-quality sea food on shaped parcels of vinegared rice.

Throw in a zingy duck salad and some piquant seawood and you’ve got a spread fit for a king.

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Without wanting to labour over the price, a hearty meal for two is significantly more than, say, an Indian, but still a lot less than a meal out. And by gosh it’s a taste sensation. Jon Dean

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