QUEEN Latifah-narrated documentary ARCTIC TALE (U) was more than 15 years in the making.

Directors - husband-and-wife team Adam Ravetch and Sarah Robertson - worked with the National Geographic Natural History Unit to capture more than 800 hours of footage.

The film follows walrus pup Seela and polar bear cub Nanu as they struggle to survive in the Arctic Circle as climate change takes hold.

The photography is remarkable - memorable moments include walrus Auntie sacrificing herself to save Seela, Nanu giving birth in a snowy den, and the appearance of the unicorn-like tusked narwhal whales.

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It's spoilt by the narrative, which humanises the animals to such an extent that it leaves you squirming.

Added to that is the global warming message that tugs - vehemently - on the heartstrings.

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The film may be a hit with children but it is sure to leave adults reaching for an episode of The Blue Planet and the reassuring voice of David Attenborough. - MEYREM HUSSEIN

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