Review: Flamboree brings traditional Alsatian dish to Old Street

Tarte Flamb�e is a traditional Alsatian dish.

Tarte Flamb�e is a traditional Alsatian dish. - Credit: Archant

It might not sound appetising, but you’re going to want to get your chops around a flam.

Flamboree in Old Street.

Flamboree in Old Street. - Credit: Archant

Similar to a pizza but much lighter, the tarte flambée, a thin and crispy traditional Alsatian dish, is the latest delicious new Old Street offering.

The food originated in the late 19th century, when Alsatian farmers would bake breads in a communal oven once a week.

Whilst the oven was reaching its required temperature the farmers would roll a piece of dough thinly and add fromage blanc, onions and smoked bacon lardons to test the readiness of the oven.

Similarly, Flamboree’s menu has eight meat, veggie and vegan toppings which can be made on three bases – spelt, Alsace wheat and gluten-free – so there’s plenty of choice. There’s also a wide selection of Reunion Ales, wines and soft drinks.

I opted for Beware of the Taliwang – pulled chicken with fresh spring onion, coriander and roquito peppers bursting with flavour, accompanied by an intoxicatingly spicy sauce. Meanwhile my boyfriend chose Charcut-oree, a meatastic mix of smoky bacon lardons, salami, saucisson and ham, given a tart edge with dijon mayo and cornichons.

We couldn’t resist trying out a dessert, sharing a flam-smoree - a flam topped with dark chocolate sauce, white chocolate chips, crushed biscuit, marshmallow and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Somehow the lightness of the base meant it wasn’t even remotely sickly, just more-ish.

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With speedy service and a laid back vibe, Flamboree is a great alternative to other fast food – and is probably a lot better for you, if you can resist the desserts.

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