FREEBIRD (15) sees three Londoners Fred (Gary stretch), Tyg (Geoff Bell) and Grouch (Phil Daniels) set off from the capital on their motorbikes in search of an elusive hippy and his cannabis farm in the Welsh mountains.

What starts out as a relaxing weekend turns into one long trip after the magic mushrooms kick in and the lads find themselves stuck in the middle of a bitter biker war.

From the anarchic Freebird you can expect funny moments throughout and one or two truly laugh out loud scenes - watch out for the village store debacle. Phil Daniels's efforts as stoner Grouch are the highlight as viewers are treated to a torrent of stumbling and stammering and left wondering how much acid someone would have to consume throughout their life to end up like that.

It's certainly not the type of film that is likely to be in the running for any awards but it's definitely worth a watch and you'll come away speculating as to how much fun it must have been for the cast and crew to make the film. - DUNCAN HEPBURN

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