Review: Platterform’s Sea Adventure, Hothouse, London Fields


Platterform - Credit: Archant

Tucked away on a Hackney rooftop, Platterform’s new culinary adventure is taking diners on a gastronomical voyage across the oceans of the world.

Fresh from holding its winter ski lodge pop up atop the Hothouse in London Fields, the creative events team returned to the same venue in January and has been inviting a new restaurant to bring each of the five chapters of its sea adventure to life every few weeks.

The venue looks like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean with wooden barrels and decking, steel dishes and fishing nets hanging from the ceiling and swashbuckling scenes projected onto the wall.

And had it not been for the distinct nip in the air which wasn’t quite dispelled by an array of patio heaters, it’s not hard to sit back and imagine you’re in a shanty shack bar of some exotic clime – not least when we were presented with one of the rum cocktails served in a whole pineapple and some dried plantain with spicy dip.

We were there for part four of this Phileas Fogg-inspired journey, a set menu put on by Vinn Goute Seychelles Kitchen which serves up authentic cuisine by a family hailing from this Indian Ocean gem.

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Our starter was smoked sea salted king fish – the thin fish chunks firm with just a little bit of crispiness on the outside, and the saltiness perfectly complimented by the sweet tastes of the mango, pomegranate and honey vinaigrette in the accompanying salad.

The main course was Seychelles-style curried goat and a separate dish of pan-fried red snapper – a rather odd combination, we thought, but both dishes went down extremely well.

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The goat was so tender it fell off the bone and the meat was rich in flavour – it had clearly been cooked very slowly in its beautiful, hearty gravy sauce.

Meanwhile, the snapper boasted light, zesty flavours to perfectly showcase the delicate taste of the meaty fish. Saffron rice, gorgeously tender and spiced lentils, and papaya and carrot chutney were the ideal accompaniments to both dishes.

The dessert to round off this quirky evening was also delightfully exotic – caramelised plantain flambé with brandy cream.

Other chapters in this seafood voyage took diners to the Netherlands, Canada and Indonesia, and it ended back on home turf with wild British food recipes served up by The Foragers – whose philosophy is to catch everything they cook or grow it themselves.

There is then a one-off event with edible insect food collective Grub on Friday, April 26.

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