IF you're the kind of person who likes movies about talking animals in silly outfits you'll have a ball with UNDERDOG (U) - a fun if flimsy family movie that proves you really can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Based on a classic cartoon, this live action version follows all of the usual plot points - if anything about a story of a dog with super powers can be described as usual.

When a washed-up police beagle is abducted by evil scientist Dr Simon Barsinister (Peter Dinklage) and his dim-witted sidekick (Patrick Warburton), the animal is accidentally doused in chemicals and turned into Underdog, a superhero gifted with strength, speed and the ability to talk.

The well-meaning film is hard to dislike but there's something a little half-hearted about it all - and certainly Jason Lee, as the voice of Underdog, never once sounds interested in his lines.

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Still Dinklage and Warburton provide a few laughs while the fast-moving slapstick and decent effects are probably enough to keep youngsters entertained for 80 minutes. - JUSTIN MATLOCK

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