I'M sure Martin Lawrence is a funny man when he tries - he kind of proved that in the Bad Boys movies - but my word, he couldn't pick a decent film role if his life depended on it.

Whether it's Big Momma's House or Wild Hogs, Lawrence has staked a claim for ruler of second-rate comedy land and his latest, WELCOME HOME ROSCOE JENKINS (12A), is more of the same.

Here he plays a successful TV talk show host who returns to home after nine years for his parents' 50th wedding anniversary - and to show off his new bride-to be, the ruthless winner of a TV reality show.

Added into the mix are the usual issues with his clan - particularly an over-achieving cousin (Cedric the Entertainer) who can do no wrong in his family's eyes - and naturally there's a kind-hearted old flame to deal with.

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It's all so obvious you wonder why they bothered - and some of the actors don't, putting in little more than what's required to pick up the pay check.

The script is all over the pace - ranging from the kid-friendly fart gags to crude sex jokes - while the characters never come off as anything more than horrible stereotypes.

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Lawrence at least tries hard to make the film work but his funny facial expressions and slapstick fail to raise a laugh while his moments of emotion never once convince. - JUSTIN MATLOCK

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