Sunday Arts Club holds a free Covid-safe arts festival in Shoreditch

Aurelie Freoua courtesy of Richard Lipman

Aurelie Freoua courtesy of Richard Lipman - Credit: Archant

Live music, mural-making, installations and theatre are on the bill at Voxonica as artists from diverse backgrounds celebrate the joy of live performance

The Sunday Art Club

The Sunday Art Club - Credit: Archant

Theatre, jazz, film and art installations come to Hackney as part of a free outdoor festival celebrating diversity in the arts.

The Sunday Art Club’s pop up festival on August 30 and September 27 is a multi-faceted celebration of the joy of live performance. Audiences can either enjoy it in person - socially distanced with mandatory face-masks in confined spaces - or watch it streamed online from their homes.

Hosted by events space Voxonica off Kingsland Road, the line up includes a live mural painting by artist Aurelie Freoua, a set from emerging DJs influenced by jazz reggae, house and hip-hop, music from Jazz on the Rox, an installation by British Ghanaian abstract urban artist Christian Asare, whose culture and identity influence his creative expression, and a short film by choreographer and performance-art artist Greta Mendez.

There are also performances directed by James Scotland of Khaos a multiculturally-led theatre company with a mission to create accessible theatre which galvanizes communities to take social action and explores contemporary issues “with daring and resilience.”

James Scotland of Kaos Theatre who is organising the Sunday Art Club festival in Shoreditch

James Scotland of Kaos Theatre who is organising the Sunday Art Club festival in Shoreditch - Credit: Archant

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Co-curated by Scotland and Triz Mendez the founder of Outside the Zone, The Sunday Art Club aims to bring live art back to audiences who have often sought escape in the arts during lockdown.

Scotland said: “The Sunday Art Club is vital to the life-blood of the independent art

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scene and endeavours to cater to underrepresented artists, both British and international, who otherwise might lose their voices as the arts industry emerges from the aftermath of COVID-19. This is an opportunity for artists to make meaningful connections as well as for audiences to reconnect with grassroots talent producing exemplary work. This unique series of not-for-profit events is a vehicle for the arts industry to reconnect at a grassroots level and build a network of multi-disciplinary artists and audiences from diverse backgrounds.”

The club is free to attend both in person and online, but donations are encouraged to

support the artists and creatives involved.

Crooked Billet Yard, Kingsland Road, Hackney, August 30 and September 27.

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