Virtual children’s choir raises money for Children In Need

A Screenshot of the virutal children's choir singing Emeli Sande's You Are Not Alone

A Screenshot of the virutal children's choir singing Emeli Sande's You Are Not Alone - Credit: Archant

Young singers from across North London and beyond joined voices to sing Emeli Sande’s You Are Not Alone

Children from across North London and beyond have joined together in a virtual choir to raise money for Children In Need.

Tufnell Park music teacher Jessie Reeves put a shout out on neighbourhood site Next Door and pulled together 60 children from her local area, Sussex and even New York.

She then emailed out a video of instructions and a backing track of herself singing Emeli Sande’s You Are Not Alone.

Imogen Ward, whose son was one of the choir members, said: “The aim was to inspire and soothe people during the lock down. After lots of tricky virtual logistics and hard work she got 60 children aged 5-15 from schools across the UK singing Emeli Sande’s glorious song.”

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Reeves, who is still teaching piano and running a rock choir via Skype says: “At the beginning of lockdown I had eight different projects cancelled and I thought of all these children at home on their own not doing any music and how a song might lift them at this difficult time. I have managed to run a choir rehearsal on Zoom so I thought ‘how can I get them all to sing together’?”

With no specialist software or experience of mixing vocal tracks, she recorded herself singing the song as a guide track, then edited herself out of the final cut, which features her playing piano.

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“I couldn’t do it in real time and realised the only way was to synch up thir recordings. If they all sang along to me in time I could then get rid of myself and edit in little solos.”

She adds: “Half are kids I know or have taught over the years, some are from Sussex and two are from New York City. I liked the idea of these children all on their own being brought together to sing and make money for other children.”

Reeves, who also runs a choir for vulnerable homeless adults The Choir With No Name, adds: “I have wanted an opportunity to do this song since it came out three years ago. With a bit of a tweak, the lyrics were perfect for the moment. I hope Emeli hears this version and likes it.”

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