Islington council collected more than £600,000 through traffic fines on a single street in Holloway in 2021.

The data attained through a Freedom of Information request shows that 5,616 drivers were fined a total sum of £657,428 in Mayton Street between January and December.

The council introduced a road closure banning motored vehicles from accessing Morrisons carpark in Hertslet Road via Mayton Street and the parallel Roden Street in 2020 to reduce traffic.

Resident Filippo Dionisi was fined there last month due to what he said were confusing signs.

He said: “Traffic signs should guide and advise drivers in an easy way, and I do not think this is the case for Mayton Street, as data shows a high number of fines being issued.”

The signs currently displayed on Mayton Street consist of two small yellow signs saying ‘No access to Hertslet Road via Mayton Street’ and 'No access to Morrisons carpark'.

The signs had initially been much larger when the restrictions were first introduced.

However, a one-way blue road sign opposite the road created the impression to Filippo that he was allowed to pass through and turn left.

The traffic filter initially was introduced in 2020 on an 18-month trial period as part of the council’s drive for “people-friendly streets”.

The introduction of the measures had followed a public consultation, which saw a majority of residents voice support.

Despite the fact that the council fined on average 15 people £117 each every day last year for disregarding the closure, it was made permanent in February.

Islington council said after checking the signs they were confident the rules were clear to drivers.

Councillor Rowena Champion, executive member for environment, air quality and transport said: “Islington Council is committed to creating a cleaner, greener, healthier borough, where it is easier for everyone to travel.

“We work hard to make sure signage for our traffic filters is adequate, unambiguous and compliant with regulations, to provide advance warning for drivers.

“Through the ongoing people-friendly streets programme, the council is making it easier for the approximately 70% of households that do not own a car to walk, cycle, scoot, and use buggies and wheelchairs."