Christmas is looking brighter for a care home in Barnsbury this year, thanks to the generosity of Islington locals.

Brooke and Amy Cooper gave bags of presents to Muriel Street care home's residents this weekend.

Their mum, Jane Pedrick, said: “They decided without telling me that it would be really nice to give something to the residents who haven’t got any family or friends for Christmas.”

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Brooke and Amy’s grandfather and Jane's dad, Alan Pedrick, has Alzheimer’s and lives at Muriel Street.

In a Facebook post asking for donations in November, Brooke said her grandfather “has a family who spoil and love him endlessly but unfortunately some of the residents don’t have any family or friends at all and this breaks my heart”.

She continued: “This year I’m going to be donating to the care home because the smallest thing could make someone the happiest.”

Jane said: “Since then it has just gone mental, we have got so many donations, I’ve got bags and bags.”

They mostly received gift donations, but people who live outside of London also donated money so the girls could buy more presents.

Jane said: “Within 20 minutes of us having it on Facebook, people were sending my daughters £20, £30.”

Brooke, 23, and Amy, 27, work at NHS doctor's surgeries. They delivered the presents this weekend to give Muriel Street enough time to quarantine and wrap the presents for Christmas Day.

Prettify LDN Balloons, which helped the girls deliver the presents, set up a free balloon arch in the care home with Brooke.

“We are so proud of them,” Jane said. “It has just been so amazing.”

Islington Gazette: Prettify LDN Balloons helped the sisters donate the presents.Prettify LDN Balloons helped the sisters donate the presents. (Image: Prettify LDN Balloons)