Coronavirus: 89 people die with Covid-19 at Whittington Hospital

The Whittington Hospital in North London. Picture: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

The Whittington Hospital in North London. Picture: Steve Parsons/PA Wire - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

At least 89 people have died at the Whittington Hospital after testing positive for Covid-19.

These NHS England figures reflect deaths processed by 5pm on Sunday but don’t include deaths in care home or the community.

The Gazette understands about 15 people have died with Covid-19 in Islington care homes during the pandemic.

As of 5pm on Sunday 366 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus in Islington. But the actual number who have had Covid-19 is likely far higher due to the limited number of tests being carried out.

There are 120,067 confirmed cases of the virus in the UK and 372,967 people have been tested for it, while 16,060 have died with Covid-19.

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