Gazette letters: Highbury Fields barbecues, Tenancy Laws, Cllr Webbe, cannabis and Beacon High School

A barbecue on Highbury Fields on a hot day in 2017. Picture: CARLINE CHENG

A barbecue on Highbury Fields on a hot day in 2017. Picture: CARLINE CHENG - Credit: Archant

It’s August 24 and the weather is warm and I am finding it difficult to breathe because of the smoke from barbecues emanating from Highbury Fields, writes Brindan Suresh, Highbury (full address supplied).

I don't even live next to the Fields, but rather near it and it is this bad.

Islington Council claims to be green, but that is farcical. For the enjoyment of some people for a few hours, I am spending days with my eyes and lungs burning - let alone the broader environmental damage.

Is the air pollution even measured on days like this? When will this madness stop?

PS Right now there's also a circus occupying half of the main public park playing incredibly loud music for 10 straight days.

The story about fines for breaches of Tenancy Laws, carried by the Islington Gazette, is an interesting one, because some general rules and restrictions controlling our behaviour in a range of areas do not apply to "members" of clubs, and clubs appear to please themselves regarding their rules, writes Mike Crowson, Islington Green Party.

You may also want to watch:

Clearly, the Islington Letting Agency letting only to "members" and requiring a non-refundable "membership fee" thought it could get around the illegality of refusing to use a deposit protection scheme and return deposits, by calling them something else!

The Gazette rightly refers to this as "a scam", pointing out that calling these deposits "membership fees" and not giving enquirers time to read the membership rules properly, involves rule-bending and law-breaking.

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The size of the fine imposed in this particular case may discourage other agencies from attempting the same scam in future and Trading Standards' successful prosecution should be applauded, but the rules aimed at protecting the rented sector are still inadequate and need not only strengthening but also ongoing vigilance as greedy agencies continue to look for ways around them.

I also think Islington Council needs to establish very clearly that any housing redevelopment must have at least as many socially rented homes after redevelopment as before.

Furthermore, it is clear that a minimum of 50 per cent of homes (and that figure actually needs to be a higher percentage) should be for social rent - Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association, take note with regard to the St Mary's Path Estate redevelopment!

Concerning Cllr Claudia Webbe's claim that she did not say, as reported by the Islington Gazette, that "wealthy" people have their own gardens whereas the poor need Highbury Fields to hold barbecues, the Gazette must be wrong, writes Anita Frizzarin, Wedmore Gardens, Islington.

Cllr Webbe, Islington Environment executive, is an admirer of the Royal Family, as shown by her tweet of congratulations to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry upon their engagement of November 27, 2017. Therefore, she would not attack the wealthy.

Her enthusiasm for adding car parking spaces and not providing cycle lanes in Islington confirms Cllr Webbe's support for the well off.

The owners of a hemp shop which is to open in Finsbury Park (Gazette) appear to be using the possible health benefits of CBD oil to justify the decriminalisation of cannabis, writes "JC", Islington, full address supplied.

Mentioning health and climate benefits and the demonisation of cannabis, while not mentioning that smoking cannabis (the most popular way it is taken) has been proven repeatedly by respected research to produce hundreds of toxins and carcinogens, both for the user and those around them such as family members and neighbours.

The fact that none of this is mentioned in an article about cannabis suggests to me that they are attempting to give a distorted picture to fit their argument for decriminalisation.

Beacon High School (formerly Holloway School), writes Paul Graham, Nuneaton

...with about 600 pupils, has an executive headteacher, a headteacher, three deputy headteachers and five assistant headteachers.

Are schools really short of funds?

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